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Hope For Haiti Healing Enters Into Alliance With United Aid Foundation

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Hope For Haiti Healing has entered into a strategic alliance with the United Aid Foundation, a New York City based foundation dedicated to helping victims of disaster worldwide. Michael Wnek, Director of Hope For Haiti Healing, has been appointed to the board of directors of United Aid Foundation (UAF) and will focus on developing synergy between the two organizations to expand the opportunity to raise money and deliver aid to those in need. Wnek states “The philosophical operating premises for both organizations are in synch. Every effort is made to deliver every dollar of aid directly to the victims of disaster. All officers of both organizations are volunteers, and most staff and service suppliers of both are volunteers as well. Active participants in both organizations spend significant time on the ground in disaster areas and have found the most cost effective ways to cut through red tape and get aid to the needy consistently, and at the lowest possible costs. UAF brings a broader reach, organizational structure and experience in reaching out to suppliers that are willing to help, but want the comfort of dealing with an international team with proven results. Together we can make a significant difference in thousands of lives. We are proud to be offered the opportunity to join forces with UAF.”

Michael, John Alex (president of United Aid Foundation) and board member Mary Jane Alex met in Haiti, cooperating to deliver tons of food, water, and medical supplies beginning 3 days after the earthquake. They were the first to arrive in areas of Petionville, Port au Prince and Croix des Bouquet days before any of the traditional aid agencies or U.N. help arrived. At night they worked in the Jimani, Dominican Republic border hospitals, feeding patients and medical staff as well as organizing procurement and delivery of much needed medicines and equipment through the UAF medical network led by Domingo and Sandra Nunez.

The magnitude of the human and physical tragedy they witnessed as a result of the earthquake galvanized them to form an informal bond between the two organizations that has provided over $1,250,000 in aid delivered directly to the needy. This has now grown into a new formal alliance that is moving forward to build permanent housing in Haiti, in addition to relieving, hunger thirst and pain. They welcome help from individuals, organizations and vendors who want to help in any way, but want to be certain that their contributions actually get into the hands of these desperate people. Wnek can be reached at 863-660-0200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. John and Mary Jane Alex can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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